Evernote tip: Using search to find untagged notes

I’m a proponent of tagging notes in Evernote. If you are too, you might find this tip useful: Entering -tag:* into the search field displays all untagged notes. From here you can go through the results and apply the proper tags. I run this exercise a couple of times a month to make sure everything is neat and tidy.

Search in Evernote for Mac

Here’s what it looks like on Evernote for Mac.


Here’s Evernote for web.

You may want to consider saving the search for future use. To do so (on the Mac desktop app), go to the edit menu / find / save search.

Save a search in Evernote

Want to take Evernote search even further? PC World has six great tips right here.

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How to share Evernote notebooks with your assistant

Here’s a s scenario: You have an assistant who handles the social media side of your business. Everything you (and your team) wants posted to the web gets routed through this person. How can you quickly send items to their attention without flooding their inbox with requests? The solution is simple, enter Evernote.

Let’s walk through a basic notebook setup, whereby you can communicate directly with your assistant and send specific instructions in the process. Continue reading How to share Evernote notebooks with your assistant

Saving Gmail messages to Evernote using the web clipper

Emailing notes to Evernote just got easier. Here’s a quick video walk-thru for clipping gmail messages using the web clipper extension.

The web clipper extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer (as part of Evernote for Windows). You can download it here

Find other Evernote posts here. Learn everything there is to know about Evernote by purchasing Brett Kelly’s Evernote Essentials ebook here.

Links+resources | April 10, 2013

Twenty-seven Good Things // 27goodthings.com | Described as “good things from good people”, Twenty-seven Good Things offers three things to read, watch and use from successful creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Secret Weapon // thesecrectweapon.org | Combining David Allen’s GTD principals and (my favorite app of all time) Evernote, The Secret Weapon provides a series of free video tutorials. If you can get past the abundance of stock images and the occasional use of Comic sans (in the intro videos), then it’s well worth the short investment of time.

Lynda.com | A full offering of lengthy video classes on just about every application out there. Heavy on the design/photography/video, but it also includes videos on WordPress, Office apps and everything else in between. There are multiple subscription services available.  This is my go-to professional development resource, i try to invest a few hours per week at Lynda.com

New Media Manitoba: Using Evernote to get things done [video]

Using Evernote to get it done

For those of you with 2 hours to burn, here’s a live stream of my September 2012 Evernote presentation. Some advice: The volume is a bit low, so crank it. And skip to 8:40 to get to the beginning of the talk.

This was originally intended to be viewed live, so you’ll have to also navigate through coffee (59:00) breaks and anything else that may have been caught pre and post event.

Watch live streaming video from nmmlive at livestream.com