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Writing at-a-glance

I may never be a professional writer, but I can become a better writer. It is in this pursuit that I have begun reading How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times by Roy Peter Clark.

In his text, Mr Clark stresses the importance of presenting copy in small at-a-glance doses. Think short book endorsements (or “advance praise”) you might see on the back cover of a paperback novel.

“The at-a-glance experience is so valuable that writers and editors must take care not to undermine its effect. In other words, don’t break up a small text into smaller texts. Make sure it is published—in total—on a single page or screen. Online, add links as you must, but don’t clutter the text with so many opportunities to escape that the straight one-two-three meaning is lost.”

As a blogger, what I find interesting in this statement is the challenge to keep hyperlinks to a minimum. This goes against most SEO strategists advice to load your posts with outbound links.

I would like to hear from other bloggers on this topic. How do you manage links while maintaining ease of readability.

Perhaps an alternate strategy might be to list links as footnotes, like this:

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