How to mask Photoshop layer effects

Have you ever wanted to mask a part of a layer effect, but not the image itself? Here’s a really quick way to do it:

I don’t know in what version Adobe introduced this feature. If you happen to know, please share in the comments. For this tutorial I used Photoshop CC 2017.

InDesign page numbering tip

An issue I run into when setting up long-form documents in InDesign occurs when I’m establishing sections. The problem being that starting a new section bumps the first page of that section out of its current spread. That’s no good at all good sir (or madam)!

As is normally the case, the solution was quite simple. You need to deselect Allow Selected Spread to Shuffle in the “Page” panel contextual menu. I recorded this wee tutorial that shows how to do just that. Thanks for watching!

Dashes—hyphens, en and em dashes—and how to use them.

If there’s one area of type usage that I continually find myself checking and double-checking, it’s the proper use of dashes. I can never seem to get this practice nailed down. Thankfully, Comma Queen Mary Norris has this down pat. Here she is—surrounded by her many books—breaking it down in simple terms for novices like me.

My favourite YouTube comment from this video: “I like to believe her voice is a little hoarse due to a career spent hollering at people over petty punctuation sins.”