What have you been up to?

Good question. Perhaps a better questions might be: “Where have you been, Dude”?

The Samson family is smack dab in the middle of a major happening and as such, it’s had an impact on the frequency of the DesignBusiness blogging schedule. For that I’m sorry. But, I do want to take a few minutes to bring you up to speed on what’s happening and how you can follow along.

Donna Lee, Mission TanzaniaEarlier this month, my wife Donna Lee, joined eleven others on a mission trip to Tanzania, Africa. Over the eighteen days she’ll be there, her team will be doing renovations and maintenance at the Matumaini Residential School in Dar es Salaam. The school is run by The Salvation Army (our church). The team consists of members from two Winnipeg Salvation Army churches and a third from Saskatchewan.

I have been keeping track of their progress by following their Facebook group (you can too by clicking here and joining). The kids and I have also had the opportunity to FaceTime with her on a few occasions, and that has made a huge difference for the children especially. It’s incredible to know that although she’s half a world away, we can see and hear her in our living room, and in a small way “shrink” the distance between.

Donna Lee is ecstatic to be there among the children of Matumaini, it’s clearly been life-changing for her. I expect she’ll come back with many hart-warming stories and photographs. Some of which I hope to post here as a follow-up.

For Twitter users who might be curious how the three of us are holding up at home, I have been adding the hashtag #MrMomWPG. Here’s a sample tweet:

Playground is close to home. Kids walked home hand in hand while I drove beside. So cute. #MrMomWPG
Carson D. Samson

I have been blessed with very co-operative kids and a great support system of friends and family (Donna Lee’s mother is on the other side of town, and regularly takes the children when I need time to myself). So thanks to all who have leant their support—especially to those who gave financially to Donna Lee and The Salvation Army.

To learn more about The Salvation Army’s World Missions/Gifts of Hope program, click here.

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