The opening act

Like most people, I enjoy music. I listen to just about everything from Aaron Neville to ZZ Top (OK, I’m not really an Aaron Neville fan, but at its the best A-Z I could come up with on the fly). And I’ve been to my share of concerts. One thing that never fails to ring true in just about every show I’ve attended is how far the opening act goes to impress. Recently I’ve been more entertained by openers than headliners. Which got me to thinking about why that is—and how it could apply to the way I run my business.

Opening acts have an awful lot more to prove. Let’s face it, many of them are standing before an audience who are not even there to hear them play: “Go ahead, entertain me if you can, but I’m here for Tim McGraw”. Plus imagine the pressure of going into a cold crowd and building up enough enthusiasm to carry them through 8-10 songs they may not have even heard before—and have them like it! But that’s what good opening acts do. They respond to the pressure, rise to the occasion and often times out-perform the top act. They’re hungry, and need your business. They’re looking to be the next headliner, why wouldn’t they knock it out of the park every single night? Continue reading The opening act