Pecha Kucha Winnipeg, vol. 13

I always enjoy the Graphic Designers of Canada (MB Chapter) sponsored Pecha Kucha evenings. The thirteenth instalment went down on Thursday March 7. In case you missed it (shame on you!), here’s a snippet from each presenter  These soundbites may not sum up their presentation, but they stood out to me and helped me form a better understanding of the presenter and where they came from.

Teacher and activist Matt Henderson explained the importance of providing his students with an ecological literacy. This includes getting in touch with their community:

“Sometimes you just have to take them to the bloody Paddlewheel before it closes.”

Precursor Productions‘ Andrew Yankiwiski on “locking-in” and setting constraints while working on projects:

“Just working in an organic way doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes you need to create on demand.”

Designer Blair Helgason on setting rules when exploring and designing the type-inspired Renner Chair:

“No scaling, no squishing and no flipping.”

Writer, speaker and policy consultant Brian Kelcey on how local bylaws have defined much of New York’s architecture:

“Maybe…Just maybe…Freedom of design is something we should start talking about as if it were a thing.”

Winnipeg Free Press Freelance photographer John Johnston told us about incredible cameras and equally incredible ovens. And how important it is to have two good ears:

“I never shoot only what they (the client) ask for – I shoot what I think they want.”

Co-founder of Half Pints Brewery Co., Nicole Barry on her childhood nickname:

“Nicki sounds so trashy. I mean no offence to any Nicki’s in the audience. Or to hookers either for that matter.”

Journalist and artist Wendy Sawatzky – who brought 3D glasses for the audience to enjoy her captivating images – touches on the process of preparing for Pecha Kucha:

“I’m not a designer – I spent nights lying awake thinking about fonts.”

Red River College design student Matt Brooks takes the podium as his classmates erupt in cheers. “Shut up! I’m talking” he says. When referring to a board game a fellow student had developed for the school’s Impossible Project:

“I tried to read the rules, but quite honestly, I thought I’d done methadone afterwards.”

Two nuggets from Gurevich Fine Art owner, Howard Gurevich:

“Did you know that you can choose your own womb?”

“Digital was supposed to free us.”

Purpose-driven marketer Joseph Ranseth encouraged us to change the world:

“All of those who have made history taught us one thing: We are all the same”

Musician Erin Propp (with Larry Roy), who closed the show with a haunting rendition of U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For:

“I look for the next road – even a rail would do – but it seems I lay tracks in the dark.”

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