How to convert Pantone spot colours to CMYK in Adobe Illustrator

Here’s a quick how-to on converting Pantone spot colours to CMYK values in Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Check that your document colour mode is set to CMYK. That’s found under the “File” menu, under “Document Color Mode”
  2. Select all elements you wish to convert. A quick marquee drag will take care of that for you.
  3. Head to the “Edit” menu and select “Edit Colors” – “Convert to CMYK” is the 7th item on that list. Select that and you’re just about done.
  4. Perform a “Save As” so that you don’t overwrite your spot colour version.

Also see: Making tint swatches in Adobe Illustrator

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  • Khurrams Khan

    how to convert Gradient Spot colors into Process, bcoz when i convert the same method i used it will convert all open artworks but it will not convert Stroke or Gradient Colors into Spot colors….

  • Thanks for the comment Khurrams. Interesting issue. The stroke one seems especially odd.

    Regarding the gradient – Are you looking to go from spot to CMYK, or the other way around?

  • Robert Barmore

    Thank you, this was a nice quick fix.

  • Camila

    Omg, thank you!

  • You are totally welcome, thanks for popping by!

  • Linda

    Amen — thank you!!

  • You are so welcome, thanks for dropping a comment.

  • Ivan Pulido

    Great help, thanx alot.

  • Art Ace Samson

    Really great tip thanks a lot! (^_^)